Our project team worked for several months after our Mar. 4 and Mar. 13 community meetings to finalize our revitalization plans for Solana Highlands.

HGF Plans

These steps were just the latest in several years of conscientious planning and refinement, so it was a very exciting day, as well as a major milestone  for H.G. Fenton, when we submitted our plans to the City of Solana Beach earlier this month. We believe that we have conceived a beautiful apartment community that better reflects Solana Beach’s character and that we will be proud to own and operate well into the future. From the Craftsman-inspired architecture to the significantly expanded onsite parking and important traffic flow improvements, we think there are many features to be enjoyed as a part of the revitalized Solana Highlands project.

Please continue to watch for news and updates on this website as well as on Facebook and Twitter, and we welcome you to contact us with any questions or feedback.