RSH-Site Map_changes 2018 SM

  1. LOWERED – Grade elevation lowered 3-5 feet to open sightlines from the north on Nardo.
  2. REMOVED – One Bungalow building was removed to further open view corridors and to add usable open space.
  3. MOVED – Secondary driveway moved to where the main driveway is today and allows traffic to flow east to Stevens Ave.
  4. AFFORDABLE – 32 homes for low-income seniors with dedicated driveway access via Stevens incorporated based on the community’s need.
  5. LOWERED – Grade has been lowered 17 feet and moved the building 35 feet further from the southern property line.
  6. DECREASED – Building heights reduced to two stories and grades decreased by 9 feet to reduce the impact on neighbors.
  7. LOWERED – Grades have been lowered 8-10 feet under the three-story buildings in the property’s center.


Inspired by the Community

These Craftsman-style architectural details were inspired by our community.

  • Low-slung, gabled roofs
  • Covered porches
  • Tapered pillars
  • Stone detail
  • Multi-pane windows
  • Warm earth-tone colors


All building pads have been reduced three to 17 feet to significantly lower rooflines. Two-story Bungalow buildings face S. Nardo Ave., generously set back from the street, and now with pads further lowered resulting in rooflines below the height of our existing buildings there. Behind the Bungalows and sitting at lower elevations on the property will be the two-and three-story Lifestyle and Valley View apartments. These buildings will also be built on significantly lower pads than originally proposed to reduce the community’s profile. In addition, two of the previous three-story Valley View buildings will now only be two stories tall in the new plan. These modifications are a direct result of neighbor input on the project.

Classic Design Influenced by Community Input

We modified the project plan to accommodate the requests of neighboring residents while helping to meet Solana Beach’s need to provide more housing options. The Beach Craftsman design aesthetic developed for the revitalized Solana Highlands will still emulate Solana Beach’s timeless character and create high-quality homes compatible with its desirable lifestyle. The revitalized Solana Highlands will be place that the entire community can take pride in.




Making Improvements

  • Fits with the Solana Beach community character
  • Craftsman-inspired design
  • Street-friendly view
  • Traffic flow improved to/from S. Nardo Ave.
  • More parking for residents and  guests
  • More walkable and bike-friendly
  • More sustainable:
    • Solar power
    • EV charging stations
    • Energy efficient lighting
    • Low water use landscaping

Leading in Sustainability

Sustainability will be a central focus at the revitalized Solana Highlands.

Sustainability features include:

  • Solar power
  • EV charging stations
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Low water use landscaping
  • More walkable and bike-friendly

H.G. Fenton has been on the forefront of sustainability for multifamily homes as evidenced by being an early adopter of solar energy over the years. Its Solterra EcoLuxury Apartments, the first 100% solar powered residential project in the country located in Scripps Ranch and Aquatera community in Mission Valley are both net-zero energy communities, meaning that they produce as much energy from solar as they consume.

We plan to apply our experience with sustainable development to Solana Highlands for the benefit of Solana Beach and its Climate Action Plan. For a full list of the various sustainable features incorporated at Solterra, view this PDF. Learn more about Aquatera’s positive impact on the environment here.