More than 30 residents and members of the Solana Beach community attended a meeting March 4 to review H.G. Fenton Company’s vision for revitalizing Solana Highlands.

20140304_181545 cropped2The attendees, many of whom are immediate neighbors of the project, came with excellent questions and shared their feedback. The questions and comments focused on the architectural design, the site and landscape plan, the planned sustainability features and concept traffic calming measures for South Nardo Avenue. In addition, because H.G. Fenton has owned the existing apartment community since 1998, questions were answered and feedback provided about future apartment operations and the improvements that will come along with a revitalized property on this site. The project exhibits focused on how the project will become more functional and sustainable with the new design.

H.G. Fenton CEO Mike Neal welcomed attendees who had the opportunity to see the Beach-Craftsman style architectural renderings that were designed by Solana Beach architect Steve Dalton of SDArchitects. In the foreground of the photo above is the scale model of the revitalized community.

Landscape and Marc Moody

Reducing street parking by increasing on-site parking was a topic of interest to many residents, as were the various traffic calming measures being evaluated. Traffic engineer Dawn Wilson provided information on the proposed significantly improved parking ratios for the site and the four traffic calming alternatives for residents to consider.

Landscape architect Marc Moody shared the Solana Highlands conceptual landscaping plan and answered many questions about the proposed future landscape palette, efficient water use, greenscapes and proposed amenity areas planned for the future residents. 

Solterra energy app

With its focus on sustainability, H.G. Fenton also showcased the solar energy program of its Solterra EcoLuxury Apartments, which is the first apartment community in the region where residents can get all of their power from the sun and track their usage on their smartphones.

 Four-pawed visitors also attended the community meeting and were excited to learn that Solana Highlands will remain a pet-friendly apartment community.

Solana Beach resident and dog