Revitalizing Solana Highlands Apartments

Thank you for your interest in the revitalization of Solana Highlands Apartments. H.G. Fenton is a 116-year-old family-owned company that has been providing San Diegans with service-focused, high-quality housing for decades. We first began serving the Solana Highlands community in 1998, when we began managing the 198 existing homes at Solana Highlands Apartments.

In 2018, our effort to revitalize Solana Highlands by providing a new, sustainable experience for generations to come was unanimously approved by Solana Beach City Council. This approval came after many years of City and Community meetings and public hearings resulting in several project modifications. We are proud to embark on the revitalization of Solana Highlands Apartments. It’s an opportunity to serve Solana Beach responsibly and well by offering families and individuals the quality of home they desire in a community they love.

High-quality, sustainable, community-focused housing

The revitalization of Solana Highlands Apartments will provide attractive, functional and environmentally sustainable homes for Solana Beach residents. Today’s 198 existing apartment homes will be replaced with 260 new apartment homes on the property’s 13.4 acres. In order to meet the growing community need, 32 of the apartments are designated as affordable homes for seniors who meet income requirements.

Additionally, the approved revitalization plan significantly increases on-site and garaged parking while improving traffic flow and walkability around the property for the general public and neighbors to enjoy.